Friday, December 28, 2012


Would you like to know a super fun way to support The Franco Adoption?
Well think no further:

You simply must get your self a T Shirt that is soft fabulous and super creative!

So check it out! 
Love it!
Share it!

Thanks Tyler C!
Hugs and all!!



Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Have you thought about adoption?

We sure have! T and i separately and together...We talk and ponder.

We finished something like the 3rd step in our adoption process...We got the rough draft of our home study!!!
Just a half a million steps to go and twenty thousand bucks to go! God is good!
Thank you for your kind works, and your support! You are loved!

We pray we keep sight on the one who came as a baby ....(Jesus) bring help to the orphan!

These pic's are super old..but i love the bab's more now than ever!

Oh, come let us adore we adore the new born baby...adore Christ and worship with us while we wait!