Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thai Tuesday!

A face book friend had declared Thai Tuesdays! Lets pray and she explains: 

~~Every other Wednesday morning in Thailand the Thai Adoption Board meets.  The Thai Adoption Board is who we are waiting on to officially approve our children being matched with us.  Once they officially approve our match, called First Approval, we will be two-three months away from traveling to bring our children home.  

The Thai Adoption Board has a lot of things to accomplish at these meetings, one of which is to grant First Approvals.  There are many families who have been matched with children who are waiting on First Approval. A year ago, most families got First Approval about six months after they were matched.  Now, it seems to be taking a year or more for families to get First Approval. ~~

 It has been only a few short months since we were matched (Feels like ages) but why make our boy wait any longer than he has too?

Everyone should eat Thai Food and Pray each Tuesday for Orphans, for family's trying to get orphans and family's who have a newly adopted kid!  

So why not~ Lets do Thai Tuesdays!



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crime or not a Crime

Is it torture to match a family with a child waiting to be adopted, have the family accept and then make the family wait nearly a year before being allowed to pick up their forever kid?   YES

Is it best for the child to make him wait in an orphanage or a foster family for a year after he has been matched?  NO

Adoption is all about the child's best interest! Is it not? 
So is it a crime to allow an orphan to be out of his forever family for a year after they started loving and preparing for him?  YES
I would love your thoughts! 

A rant and food for thought! 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Thai boy is in foster care

Foster care is a blessing to the waiting mother. (me)
So, how do you show deep gratitude to a woman who has taken care of my baby? Well, how would you thank someone who cared for your sweet child for any time..Holt's guide book say this!

Foster parents’ thoughts and prayers for the children don’t end when the children leave Thailand. They
seek reassurance that you and the child have returned to the U.S. safely and the child is growing and
progressing normally. Due to this, we ask that you send at least 4-6 pictures and a letter within two
weeks after your arrival home. In the letter you will need to thank them for the care of your child. It is
important that you periodically send them letters and pictures as well to let them know how your child is doing. Please send this letter and pictures to us via mail or email, and we will forward them on for you. if you fail to do this it may cause some concern for the foster parents. As mentioned, this has been “their child” for quite some time. By sending letters and pictures this will help to ease the loss they have suffered."

So please remind me of this when we get back from Thailand..when ever that may be?


Sunday, February 9, 2014

How to make the wait for your child easier?

There is actually a page in the Guide book on How to make the wait for my child easier.

This is some of the advice it gives:
"Once you accept a particular child (after receiving whatever limited medical information
is available), think of that child as yours, just as if he or she had been born to you. The
agency cannot guarantee that the child will arrive free of problems, any more than an
obstetrician can guarantee that any baby will be born free of birth defects or a difficult
personality. Becoming a parent involves taking these risks."
"Discuss your feelings with your local agency and with those who have adopted. Your
local home study agency, which often is not the agency handling the placement, may be a
good resource for helping you endure the wait. (You may feel freer to vent your anger
and frustration at the process in the presence of a social worker who knows you well and s not an employee of the agency processing your adoption.)"
"Give yourself some enjoyable new projects to take your mind off your worries."

Well, that is about it! I am feeling this is not making my wait easier! Prayer....
So, please pray for us Francos. Tony, ME, Sage, J Bird and P(who just had his b day with out his mother...me). All of us need prayer.

And help me think of a new project! Or help me with one i have been putting off!

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 13, 2014


January 8 2014

Tony and I were sent the referral of a a precious baby boy from Thailand!
Pakhun is his name and he is 11 months old. His Birthday is on February 2.

Our feelings are overwhelming. Joy and elation, caution and the strong determination to make the right choice.  This is nearly the cutest kid we've seen since Sage and Jasper.
We contacted several friends and close family members to pray with us on wisdom and guidance on whether or not to accept this wonderful boy.

We knew we'd want to take several days to really think about him and look his file over.
Friday January 10 2014 We sent in our initial acceptance email to Shana Quick at Holt international.


Saturday, January 11, 2014


We are wrapping up a fun little fundraiser.....

We asked around and got a small chest "(plug in) Deep Freezer donated (Thanks Truitt Family!!!) . Then we asked 8-10 friends to fill it with freezer meals! We sold tickets for 5 dollars per ticket.

I can not say how amazing and fulfilling it is to have friends who would sell tickets for us. Thanks so much to all our amazing friends.  

We are so thankful to say we now have what we need when the time comes for the country fee.
God is providing all our needs! 
God provides all our needs! 
Praise Be to God! 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the hurting child/Adoption

"Unfortunately, hurt children are not always tender plants to be watered. Instead they are often prickly cacti waiting with needles sharp enough to keep parents away. But even a cacti need some water, just as the hurting child needs to experience the attachment cycle- including gratification -if he is to build trust. "
Keck and Kupecky from Parenting the Hurt Child

Please pray that we are able to be calm and not too dramatic with our child from Thailand.
Pray wisdom and guidance from the one with the plan!

We should be getting a new number shortly (ok may be a few weeks)
Pray for wisdom/financial provisions/peace!

Thanks for partnering with us in our adoption!

Trusting in God