Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thai Tuesday!

A face book friend had declared Thai Tuesdays! Lets pray and she explains: 

~~Every other Wednesday morning in Thailand the Thai Adoption Board meets.  The Thai Adoption Board is who we are waiting on to officially approve our children being matched with us.  Once they officially approve our match, called First Approval, we will be two-three months away from traveling to bring our children home.  

The Thai Adoption Board has a lot of things to accomplish at these meetings, one of which is to grant First Approvals.  There are many families who have been matched with children who are waiting on First Approval. A year ago, most families got First Approval about six months after they were matched.  Now, it seems to be taking a year or more for families to get First Approval. ~~

 It has been only a few short months since we were matched (Feels like ages) but why make our boy wait any longer than he has too?

Everyone should eat Thai Food and Pray each Tuesday for Orphans, for family's trying to get orphans and family's who have a newly adopted kid!  

So why not~ Lets do Thai Tuesdays!



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