Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Thai boy is in foster care

Foster care is a blessing to the waiting mother. (me)
So, how do you show deep gratitude to a woman who has taken care of my baby? Well, how would you thank someone who cared for your sweet child for any time..Holt's guide book say this!

Foster parents’ thoughts and prayers for the children don’t end when the children leave Thailand. They
seek reassurance that you and the child have returned to the U.S. safely and the child is growing and
progressing normally. Due to this, we ask that you send at least 4-6 pictures and a letter within two
weeks after your arrival home. In the letter you will need to thank them for the care of your child. It is
important that you periodically send them letters and pictures as well to let them know how your child is doing. Please send this letter and pictures to us via mail or email, and we will forward them on for you. if you fail to do this it may cause some concern for the foster parents. As mentioned, this has been “their child” for quite some time. By sending letters and pictures this will help to ease the loss they have suffered."

So please remind me of this when we get back from Thailand..when ever that may be?


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