Sunday, February 9, 2014

How to make the wait for your child easier?

There is actually a page in the Guide book on How to make the wait for my child easier.

This is some of the advice it gives:
"Once you accept a particular child (after receiving whatever limited medical information
is available), think of that child as yours, just as if he or she had been born to you. The
agency cannot guarantee that the child will arrive free of problems, any more than an
obstetrician can guarantee that any baby will be born free of birth defects or a difficult
personality. Becoming a parent involves taking these risks."
"Discuss your feelings with your local agency and with those who have adopted. Your
local home study agency, which often is not the agency handling the placement, may be a
good resource for helping you endure the wait. (You may feel freer to vent your anger
and frustration at the process in the presence of a social worker who knows you well and s not an employee of the agency processing your adoption.)"
"Give yourself some enjoyable new projects to take your mind off your worries."

Well, that is about it! I am feeling this is not making my wait easier! Prayer....
So, please pray for us Francos. Tony, ME, Sage, J Bird and P(who just had his b day with out his All of us need prayer.

And help me think of a new project! Or help me with one i have been putting off!

Thanks for stopping by.

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