Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is coffee....well the coffee bean!

Green beans not the kind you eat but the kind you burn the heck out of then grind up, nearly boil (really don't boil or your coffee may taste burned) with some water then add milk and sugar and drink.  [Who thought of this any way?]

This is what i am roasting currently...but as you can see it may be time to order more!
This is my roaster!!! May be i should call him Steve? Thoughts?

A few years back my fabulous father in law hooked me up with this Upright Peppery II. 
PS I am always looking for a back up if anyone finds one at a garage sale or good will I'll pay you upwards of 10 dollars.(Cha Ching)

He is an electrical engineer...he rigged this baby up to--- well i don't actually know what the fancy plug thing does but the dial helps me control the heat.

So you put the green beans into the roaster and burn baby burn till the start of second crack (i may or may not explain that later) and then cool baby cool!

The roast below looks darker than it really is and you can tell by the lack of wide open crack in the middle of the beans..(Might explan that one later too? Well see?)

Most of the time you have to stir the beans to help get rid of the chaff. But this is totally worth is for a superb fresh cub of coffee.

I love my hobby...I hve to roast about three or four 1/2 cup batches a week to keep us in coffee.  It is good



  1. I would love to taste some of your hobby next time we are in town! I'll give you a call! :)

  2. :D LOVE coffee, love your tutorial of sorts, and love that you love your hobby so much. I don't know who came up with coffee, but I love them, too!! Mmmmmmm....
    Burn baby burn

    PS He needs a fancier name than Steve. IMHO
    Maybe Raoul? ;)

  3. Your father in law is proud that someone likes this hobby as much as he does. I think Steve is a great name. Lol

  4. I like Raoul.
    That is why your coffee tastes sooooo good!