Monday, February 6, 2012

So, I am going for it!

I am entering a contest!  We'll see if i make it to the public voting phase...
So this is one of the Fantastic Pics my son

Roberto Navarrete

took of me for the contest! Fun Fun! 

More about the contest later! It may have something to do with Maurices of Main Street

I so rarly take pics of myself that ... i almost forgot what i looked like..(Just kidding, I have a mirror)




PS If i am able to move on to the next round i will need your help!  And if i win, I'll get to give the charity of my choice, and i am chosing Titus Task,...a nice hunk of $$..Which is sooo cool!


  1. Rochelle, you look radiant!!!


  2. Well, no I hadn't read your blog! Look at you go!! The camera loves you, as I always say! Fabulous!!! :D Keep us posted!

  3. Do we get to help vote? I'd vote "yes!"