Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ultimate Challenge!!!

Starting Next Thursday!
(Bom, Bom, Bommmm)
The Franco family for the following 100 Days will be taking the 100 Days of real food challenge!

Some say it can't be done?

Some say what do you mean?

Some say we are hippies (in the non drug way) and we care too much about what we eat.

Well my friends, we are going to do it! 
We are going to give it our best shot!!! 

The Challenge should you chose to accept it:
To Eat Food that is not processed for 100 days...
If it is a pre~Packaged food for it not to have more than 5 ingredients..

Our adventure to follow!

~~AS always give to our adoption at the top right of the page!!!! 
B/c we are currently in need of 4,000 smackers 1,000 for USCIS and 3,000 to Holt international!  


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