Sunday, September 30, 2012


WE did it!

We took the first step.  Leap! Hop or Jump..Pick which work you like but we did it and with your help!
We gathered our papers!  We notarized them.  We met with the people who will be completing our home study!

You did it!

You helped us by supporting us with your kind words, thoughts, prayers, and money!
Our people, you helped us raise 2,000 bucks in 2 weeks!

God did it!

He asked us to take care of the orphans....
He provided us with amazing friends and family, and coworkers and even acquaintances!!!
This is His show!

'I am inspired!
Thanks for hearing my thoughts!
We have more goals to come!

To go!


Tony will do a guest post about the actual home study sometime this week! Stay tuned!

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