Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hype and Money Type!

Dear Blog~Diary

I am pumped up so much that i can feel the thoughts swirling around in my brain!!!
I am so thankful for the well wishes and prayers about our first steps to our Adoption.  (I pray friends and family keep them coming)
I am fully trusting God to take care of every step...He has never failed me, after all He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Heck, He owns the hills too.
Well so here i sit thinking about the basically 2K that Tony and i are going to need like one week and one day from now

Wait we need 2,000 dollars in like a week? Sure, no sweat, God's got it covered!!!!!!

So, if you have any friends or family that want to help us with the money types help/interested in adoption/have the gift of giving...Share our blog with them and you can email me and get our address i am
Also, in addition if you want to hear of any special needs or immediate needs of the Francos' you can also use the handy dandy email address and get on a "we pray for people's stuff' list!
I’ll try to have an up to date picture of we four super soon!


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