Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So, I follow a face book page for Adoptive family's
A fantastic conversation came up today I'd like to share some of this with you

The topic of the conversation was:
 Most of my friends and family are super supportive of our adoption. However, I have one friend who acts like I took the easy way out. Any ideas on how to respond to this?

"Adoption...easy? Haha! You're hilarious! Great joke!" Okay, probably not the best way to handle it, but I couldn't help myself.  Sorry you have an unsupportive friend. I think I would just respond with positive remarks about adoption and what a joy it has been for your family. You can model a good attitude that might rub off on her.

 Sorry, but I had to laugh. I could in no way describe our adoption journey as easy. I agree with ~~~~~ that you could educate her on the difficulty and joy you experienced. I also wonder what difficulty she has experienced in her own journey to parenthood that would make her think that way - maybe she had a hard road and thinks that adoption looks easier when in fact it has its own challenges, heartaches, and miracles.

I am Thankful that each comment was met with humor and love! ~  These people should be adopting~ They are super awesome!

I like ~~~~~ comment on the fact that adoption has its own challenges, heartaches, and miracles. And like so many other experiences one never really understands them unless you go through it, perhaps gently reminding her of that would be helpful too. While I in no way disagree that being pregnant and giving birth is a physically exhausting task, having done it twice, neither pregnancy kept me up as many nights or were filled with the uncertainties of this adoption...especially since the time frame is oh TRIPLE!!

 am so sorry ~~~~~ It sounds like she is having her own issues. Most people don't really know much about adoption and all it involves. There are too many times when people like to "compare" experiences. I hope you are able to brush off her comments and help her see how joyful and HARD adoption can be. Hang in there babe.

Yes that is fine cuz people need more education when it comes to adoption. A little girl said to me about "My kido", "who is her real mommy". I didn't take offense and said I am. I told her if she sees someone who is adopted the mommy who adopted them is their real mommy and the one whose tummy they came from is the birth mommy. I told her how many orphans were in Thailand and then she said, "we should all adopt one".

This is a super long post for me

I adore that because of the internet i am able to connect with people who have the same heart as Tony and I! And who are doing what we are doing! 
This is the kind of thing you need a support group for! Not EASY!

What do you think of adoption? 
And Have you adopted an adoptive family yet?

Thanks FB Friends!!!

Glad you stopped by!

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