Sunday, February 24, 2013

Franco Flash Mob?

We are not above doing a dinner and silent auction.  Those things are super valid fund raisers.
But, we want to think out side the silence.  I love being a bit loud!
We are gonna do a flash mob! 
We are gonna charge 25 dollars a person to do the flash mob. (ok cap at 50 per family)  ( I hope and pray we get at least 100 people signed up)  
We will have 2 performances....
We are gonna ... Well i cant give everything away!
Can i?  

So, I was thinking it would be great if your group (youth group, choir, marching band, cooking club, missions trip, theatrical group, ... well you get the picture) 

If you live in our town to do it here with us...and if it at your church or your mall.(you must ask the mall/or your church leadership about this)  and we could exchange pic's and video's of this fantastically cool Flash Mob thing

{This is perfect if you live out of town..( and wanted to participate...mob your church}
So, if you are interested in this email me or message me at the end of this post! OK!!!!

I'll be  making the video and putting it up on YouTube in the next week or 2.

Think of this fun thing as gathering as a family to work toward a goal...learn the dance with a community with us! Mmmmmm K!


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